Form Tutor Contact

Contact information for form tutors: 

Winton House

(Head of House is Mr Lawson,; Deputy Head of House is Ms Eden,

W1 - Miss Youens,

W2 - Mrs Gakhal, 

W3 - Mr Miles, / Mr Mosses 

W4 - Mr Trehy, 

W5 - Mr Worthington, 

W6 - Ms Eden, / Ms Lane,

W7 - Ms Dalgakiran, 

W8 - Mrs Clarke, / Ms Mahadevappa, 

W9 - Mrs Griffths, 

W10 - Mr Bryant, / Ms Nijjar, 


Ali House

(Head of House is Miss Spooner,; Deputy Head of House is Ms Davis,

A1 - Mrs Dabb, 

A2 - Mr Kay, 

A3 - Miss Weekes, 

A4 - Miss Halford, 

A5 - Mrs Hodge, / Ms Loveland,

A6 - Mr Azad,

A7 - Miss Davis, / Ms Dovey,

A8 - Miss Khan, 

A9 - Mr Howden, 

A10 - Mrs Meech, / Dr Neat, 


Roosevelt House

(Head of House is Mr Conroy,; Deputy Head of House is Ms James,

R1 - Mr Durose, 

R2 - Mrs Lewis, 

R3 - Miss Clube, 

R4 - Miss Shrubb, 

R5 - Mr Fawcett, 

R6 - Miss Brady, 

R7 - Ms James, / Mrs Rivett, 

R8 - Mr Lopez Calatayud,

R9 - Mr Bowden,

R10 - Mr Yap, / Ms Khalid,


King House

(Head of House is Mrs Banks,; Deputy Head of House is Miss Knibbs,

K1 - Mrs Hajamaideen, 

K2 - Mrs Garner, 

K3 - Mr Banin, 

K4 - Mr Griffiths, 

K5 - Miss Knibbs, / Mrs Ive, 

K6 - Mrs Bola, / Ms Christensen, 

K7 - Mr Kirk, 

K8 - Mr Hobbs, 

K9 - Dr Haynes, 

K10 - Mrs Wrycraft,