Respect System

Burnham Grammar School has developed a new online reporting system for students to report concerns or incidents without the need to speak directly to a member of staff.

Called the ‘Respect’ form, this system is linked directly to the Whole School Pastoral Manager (Mr Bray), and will serve as a means to swiftly resolve issues or worries.  The form takes no longer than 2 minutes to complete.

When to make a report

You can use the Respect System at any time to report any of the following in or out of school:

  • Bullying
  • Hate Crime
  • Homophobic abuse
  • Health concerns
  • Community issues


Will I be anonymous?

The reporting system is anonymous, you don’t have to leave your information if you choose not to, but if you want help and support it’s best to leave your details.

Who will be able to read my report?

Your report will be read by the Pastoral Staff at Burnham Grammar School and then passed on to the relevant Year Leader and Key Stage Leader to deal with.  We also work very closely with our local PCSO’s and inform them about incidents listed above in or out of school.

Can I report on behalf of someone else?

Yes you can!  But if you do it is important we have all of the details, so we can act quickly to the report.

What happens next?

Each case is different, so what happens next depends on the nature of the report.