Staff List

Senior Leadership Team


Dr Gillespie:

Deputy Headteacher/PE

Mr Cathcart:

Deputy Headteacher/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/ PE


Assistant Headteacher/ Safeguarding Lead/ Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Lennon:

Assistant Headteacher/ Geography

Mr Bainbridge:

Assistant Headteacher / Maths


Associate Assistant Headteacher / RS

Mrs Bola: 

Associate Assistant Headteacher/ Head of Business & Economics

Mrs Hajamaideen:


Head of Years 

Head of Year 7 : Miss Kazi :

Head of Year 8 : Ms Griffiths :

Head of Year 9 : Mr Conroy :

Head of Year 10 : Mrs Ferreria :

Head of Year 11 : Mrs Banks :

Head of Year 12 & 13 : Miss Stone :


Heads of Houses

Ali House

Head of House – Ms Griffiths :

Deputy Head of House - Miss Clube :

King House 

Head of House – Mrs Banks

Deputy Head of House - Mr Churchouse :

Roosevelt House 

Head of House - Mr Conroy :

Deputy Head of House - Ms James :

Winton House 

Head of House – Mrs Ferreria :

Deputy Head of House - Mr Cole :


Heads of Department


Mrs Garner:

Business Studies

Mrs Hajamaideen:

Computer Science

Ms Clarke: 

Design and Technology

Mrs Garner:


Miss Youens (also teacher of English):


Mrs Hajamaideen:


Mrs Wrycraft:


Mr Banin:


Mr Trehy:


Mr Griffiths:

Media Studies

Mrs Wrycraft:

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr Hobbs: 


Mr Bowden:


Mr Lawson:


Ms Dalgakiran (also teacher of Science):


Ms Clayson: 

Religious Studies

Ms Eden:


Dr Neat: 


Ms Clayson:



Teaching Staff

Mrs Appleyard, History:

Mr Azad, Science: 

Ms Banks, MFL:

Mr Bryant, History:

Ms Chia, Business Studies and Economics:

Ms Chiu, Science:

Mr Churchouse, PE:

Miss Clube, English: 

Dr Cole, Sociology:

Mr Conroy, Geography:

Ms Covus, Geography:

Mrs Diaz Medina, MFL:

Ms Dixon, Maths:

Mrs Dohil, English:

Mrs Dovey, English:

Mr Earnshaw-Crofts, MFL:

Mrs Ferreira, Science:  

Mrs Gakhal,  English: 

Mrs Gerring, Art: 

Ms Gill, Science:

Ms Griffiths, Mathematics: 

Dr Haynes, Science:

Ms Hodge, MFL:

Mr Hunter, Science:

Miss Hussain, English:

Mrs Ive, PE:

Ms James, Science:

Mr Kay, English:

Miss Kazi, English:

Mr Kirk, Maths:

Miss Knibbs, PE:

Ms Lewis, Design and Technology:

Mrs Magnante, Design and Technology:

Ms Martin, Computer Science:

Mr Miles, Science:

Mrs Nijjar, Maths:

Mrs Rivett, Maths:

Ms Shrubb, Art:

Mr Sidhu, PE/Maths:

Mrs Stancheva, Mathematics:

Mr Thomas, Physics:


Support Staff

Miss Adby, Development and Communications Officer:

Mrs Alawi, Lead Science Technician:

Mr Awan, ICT Technician: 

Ms Aziz, Trips and Work Experience Co-ordinator:

Mrs Baldacchino, Assistant Exams and Data Officer: 

Mrs Blow, School Display, Art Technician, Lunchtime Supervisor:

Mr Bray, Whole School Pastoral Manager:

Mr Evans, Caretaker:

Mr Featherstone, Project and Operations Manager:

Mrs Hudson, Reception and Admin Support: 

Mrs Hughes, Cover Supervisor:

Ms Khalid, Learning Support Assistant:

Ms Khan, Cover Administrator and Senior Administrative Officer:

Mrs Kumar, Learning Resource Co-ordinator:

Miss Mahadevappa, Learning Support Assistant: 

Ms Mania, Science Technician:

Ms Marshall, Learning Support Assistant:

Mrs Miles, Science Technician:

Mrs Moore, Sixth Form Administrator and Student Support Officer:

Mrs Newell, Finance and Lettings Officer:

Mrs Pang, Exams Officer and Data Manager:

Mrs Pankhania, HR and Recruitment Officer:

Miss Rowdene, Finance Director: 

Miss Stiles, Headteacher's PA and Office Manager:

Ms Stone, Assistant Director of Sixth Form:

Ms Stoneham, SEN and EAL Manager: 

Mr Taylor, Network Manager:

Mr Taylor, D&T Technician:

Mr Taylor, Assistant Caretaker:

Mrs Yunas, Reception: