Careers Programme and Advice

The Burnham Grammar School Careers Policy can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. 

Adviza is an independent charity which helps young people make informed decisions at key stages in their school life about learning and work. They aim to raise students’ aspirations and motivate them to achieve their full potential, helping with a range of questions students may have from generating career ideas to higher education, apprenticeships, money matters and volunteering.

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Our Careers Adviser, Mrs Ros Carr, is available every Tuesday during term time on an appointment basis at the school. Appointments can be arranged via Heads of Houses as well as Form Tutors.

Mrs Carr also offers a lunchtime drop-in each week for all year groups.

From September 2018 Mrs Carr will be in school more frequently, enabling all students by the end of Key Stage 4 & 5 to access independent advice and guidance regarding their choices for the future.

Mrs Carr's office is at the back of the library.

Mrs Carr is also available on year eight, 11, 12 and 13 Parents' Evenings and works with staff in school on a variety of careers related activities.

You may email Mrs Carr on: 

The Adviser's principal role is to provide independent advice and guidance on life after school, be that in choice of subjects, higher education, apprenticeships or employment.



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