The PTA at Burnham Grammar School works to be able to offer additional resources to the school as well as organise special events for the benefit of students and parents.

Over the years the PTA has helped to purchase new minibuses, Design and Technology equipment including the laser cutter and 3D printer, as well as donations to the infamous sports tours every other year.

At school events such as the drama productions and dance shows, the PTA are on hand to provide refreshments and welcome everyone to the events.

Funds raised throughout the year go to improving and buying resources the school could not otherwise afford.

The PTA also runs the 250 Club, with monthly prizes and a top prize £100.

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You can opt into the 250 Club via Parent Pay or buy writing a cheque. The PTA main fundraiser to raise much needed funds for your child’s school is the 250 club, we hope that you will support our fund raising this year. In recent years the PTA has raised funds for much needed equipment around the school, as well as a new trampoline for the PE department and a new piano for the music department.  This year we are raising money for a laser cutter for the DT department.





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