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Virtual Book Club

BGS Book Club is a classroom for students and staff to access a variety of reading, writing and drama materials. Each month a new book, per Key Stage, is read and discussions about the book happen towards the end of the month. Every 2 weeks a new theatre show is posted. We are also providing reading recommendations, poetry, news articles, TED talks, and a Friday quiz for students and staff to partake in.

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Google Classroom Code (p6xnh3e)

Hyperlink (Virtual Book Club)

Virtual Tours & Trips

This is so much more than just trips and tours - it is an Enrichment site!

Alongside weekly foci there are things to keep all our students busy, ways to extend curious intellects and enjoy the glorious opportunity to learn for the sake of learning. There is a page of things to master in 3 weeks - challenges for all ages. There is also a key stage specific page with interesting activities and worthwhile experiences for each one - Y11 and KS5 in particular has a lot of links to free courses offered by the Universities that will allow them to show how well they have spent their time.

Almas Kazi is keeping a diary and posting it here too - sharing hints and tips about how she is helping her 11 yeasr old sister with her school work and keeping herself fit and healthy.


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Hyperlink Virtual Tour 


Virtual ‘Dancing with Myself’

This is a virtual dance show.

Students can listen to the track, choreograph their own steps and moves and then upload them.  Mrs Ive & Ms Knibbs and some 6th form choreographers will then ‘stitch’ a routine together to be performed at the school’s 60th Anniversary celebrations.



Google Classroom Code (nzhors4)

Hyperlink (Virtual Dance Club)

Virtual Choir / Instrumental Ensembles

Year 7 & 8 Students

In lessons you will be sent songs which you have to learn and send via your music google classroom. 

Shout out Choir (open to all)

Be part of the school virtual choir. No previous choir experience necessary, just a love of singing. Songs will be sent via google classroom so you can upload your recordings

Staff Choir

Open to all staff, please email me your recording for me to put it together

Flute Choir/String Group/Orchestra

Send me your recordings of the pieces already sent via email to put together the pieces. If you are not normally involved in these but wish to be, please email Mr Bowden for music


Staff / Student

Google Classroom Code for Shout Out Choir (hthkqkm)

Virtual Concert

Open to all students

Take a video recording of you performing on an instrument or vocally a song of your choice, this could be solo/duet/ensemble (email Mr Bowden if it is not a solo piece for instructions). Backing tracks should be used to ensure tuning and timing is accurate, please ensure these are playing on headphones in your ear so as to not be picked up by



Google Classroom Code for Shout Out Choir (hthkqkm)

Concert  Gareth Malone’s Chorus

If you catch the Choir bug you may want to sign up to Garther Malone’s National Chorus and further improve your singing

Staff/ Student/ Parent

Gareth Malone's Great British Home Chorus

TED Talks

TED talks are 10-15min long and given by experts to explain ideas and research on all areas of knowledge.

Departments have selected a range of TED talks linked to the curriculum and designed to get you thinking.


Each TED talk has a brief description of the topic and then a few questions to consider when you have viewed the talk.

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Google Classroom Code



Wellbeing Student

Below are some contact numbers in case you need to contact a member of the Safeguarding Team (or purple lanyard people, as some of you called us in the survey!).

The phones will be answered by the person to whom they are assigned only. They will be answered during normal school hours.

We will also be available via email.

Mr Lennon - 07917265038

Mr Bray - 07775413365

Mr Burrows - 07730418333

Mrs Banks - 07831265928

Dr Gillespie – 07919396212

If you do not get an answer please either text us and we will call you back or email us (leaving your number).

There is also information available on the Safeguarding page of the BGS website and in the attached document



Active Listening


Student / Parent


Top 12 Meditation Apps

Active Listening


BGS Film Club and Reviews

BGS Film Club 

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review will be recommending a number of free to view films that are on television each week.

In their Friday show they will be discussing and reviewing the films.  Why not submit a review or compare your review/views to theirs?

They will always recommend a film appropriate for all members of the family, but please ensure that you only view the recommended films thay are age appropriate for you. 

If none of the films for that week take your fancy you could also watch a film from the last five years and write a review.  Then check your view against Mark Kermode’s review and enter the addictive world of  Wittertainment


Staff/ Student/ Parent

Kermode & Mayo's Film Review

Helpful tips for writing a good film review: Film Review Tips




Theatre Thursdays



Every Thursday the National Theatre will be streaming one of their most popular recorded shows at 7pm, which will then be available on demand for the rest of that week. 

When you’ve watched the show, join the Google Classroom discussion to exchange views, and access some extra materials to learn more about theatre.

Staff/ Student/ Parent



Google Classroom Code 562u5fa


Theatre Club 02/04/20




nstagram & Twitter Challenges

The PE Department will be posting skill and fitness challenges on our Instagram and Twitter accounts for you to try! Follow @bgspe1 and @burnhamgrammarpe for details

30 Day 30 Second Fitness Challenge

Download the fitness recording sheet from the link below and undertake our 30 day challenge. Challenge Mums, Dads, Guardians, Brothers, Sisters to take you on! Don’t forget to keep us informed how you are doing through our social media channels! 

30 Second Fitness

If you want a real challenge check out the BBC workouts from the country’s leading athletes.  Can you train like an Olympian? (BBC Workouts with Sports Stars)


Staff/ Student/ Parent



Mobile Apps to try at home


Dribble Up Home 

Football skill development trainer 


Homecourt - The ultimate Basketball trainer at home!


Nike Running App to use in your Garden or when out of the house for your once daily exercise



Websites & Online Learning


The Body Coach TV


BBC Workouts with Sports Stars


The Body Coach for Beginners


Max Whitlock: 5 exercises to try at home


5 Hockey Drills to try at Home


12 essential tennis drills to try at home


GCSE PE Google Classroom Codes: 

9S Mr. Lawson



9S2 Miss Knibbs


10P Mr. Churchouse


10P Mrs. Ive 



A-Level PE Google Classroom code: 


Everlearner accounts

Mr. Churchouse has secured a free account with “The Everlearner” website. This is a fantastic resource with online tutorials, please email Mr. Churchouse if you haven’t received your logon information

The Body Coach TV


BBC Workouts with Sports Stars


Letters to Care Homes

The current situation is difficult for everyone, but particularly for those vulnerable groups who are unable to go out or see their family members.  We are hoping to provide a link to residents in local care homes through a letter scheme.

In the classroom you will find a screencast powerpoint to help students plan and write their letter. Letters should be submitted via the GC turn it in facility


Staff/ Student/ Parent

Google Classroom BGS Good Samaritans 

Join Code: rxmxgk5


Recipe of the Week

Posting pictures of efforts and reviews

Staff/ Student/ Parent

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Memory Workshops

Presentation explaining about STM & LTM / neural networks & synapses / impact of attaching things to existing LTM / Impact of stress on memory

Memory challenges – e.g. remembering the order of a whole pack of cards



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Creating Memories & Family Trees

  • Ask each family member to write you a time-capsule letter for when you are 18 / 30 / 50. 
  • Ask them to think about:-  What would they like your life to be like? - What job do they think you might have? - What opportunities would they like you to have had?
  • What is the best piece of advice for a happy, healthy and safe life? - Ask them to draw a self-portrait or a drawing of something for you. 
  • Talk to the older members of your family about their lives.  You can ask them about things like:
    • The house where you grew up – how many rooms, how many people lived there, did you have your own bedroom, what was the kitchen like, was it warm, did you have a garden, can you describe it?
    • School day memories - Your first day at school, school uniform, school sports, school dinners, special teachers, special friends, punishments and rewards
    • Your first job – Where was it, what did you do, how much did you get paid, why did you leave?
    • Holiday memories – Childhood holidays, your first holiday abroad, your best holiday ever, a holiday mishap or a holiday adventure  
    • Family celebrations – Birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas Day
    • Family Pets - What pets did you have as a child?
  • Get your family members to send you pictures from different times in their lives that illustrate the answers to the questions above & create a digital story of their lives

Staff/ Student/ Parent

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House Monologue Competition  

A house competition to keep you busy over the Easter break. 

The year is 2070 (adjust if you’re an adult!). One of your younger relatives tells you that in primary school they’ve been studying ‘The Great Lockdown of 2020’, and they ask you how you spent the time.

Write, learn, rehearse and film a monologue between 1 and 2 minutes in length, where you reply. The speech can be based on reality, or completely fictional.

Turn it in under ‘classwork’ on Google Classroom by Monday 20th April

Staff/ Student Google classroom code yt2erdh
Parallel Maths challenges from Simon Singh Encourage young mathematicians to explore the world of mathematics by providing a weekly set of challenges that are designed to stretch brains and broaden horizons. The goal is to help good mathematicians become strong, and to help strong mathematicians become brilliant.

Students Year 7-10


If the task for your year group is too difficult you can always try the ones from the year below



Setup a student account and enter this code


CODE: 7dp54p
IMPACT’s Good News

This is a student-led classroom, where the IMPACT group (the school’s eco club) shares positive stories about the environment.

In this period of great change and uncertainty, it is an opportunity to think about our relationship with the environment.
Staff/ Student / Parent Google Classroom Code (4ogxyyj)

Oxford Union Podcast Series  

Remote learning tool for Sixth Form students from The Oxford Union. 

Sixth Form 


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