Head of Department: Miss Weekes

Teachers: Miss Halford and Mrs Garner  


Key Stage 5

(Psychology is only available as a subject choice at AS and A Level)

Year 1 - AS level Psychology examines the ways in which Psychologists gather information, as well as particular topic areas.  These include the study of memory, attachments in early childhood, the different approaches taken in psychology, abnormal behaviour and social influence
In Year 2, there are three optional topics covered from a choice of relationships, aggression, eating behaviour, gender, as well as the effect of the media on behaviour. The students also need to have a more in-depth knowledge of research methods (carried on from Year 1), biopsychology and the issues, debates and approaches that arise from Psychological study.
Application to real life scenarios is a key area.
Opportunities to discuss new research.
Scientific study with an element with a real focus on humanity.
Students enjoy this subject because they find it relevant to their everyday life.  The lessons include discussion, research into psychological aspects, and extended writing in Year 2. 
The emphasis on research methods is important and relevant for many subjects you may take at University.  An A level in Psychology puts you on course to study a Psychology related degree.
The study of this subject will clearly be useful for any career which involves the understanding of human beings.