Head of Department: Mrs Clayson 


Key Stage 5

(Psychology is only a subject choice a A Level; following the OCR examing body)

In year one students cover five key approaches in Psychology; biological, cognitive, developmental, individual differences and social. Each approach includes investigating two key areas of research within that field including memory, obedience, split-brain studies, abnormal behaviour and aggression. Students will also examine the different ways that psychologists conduct their research and this will involve the students themselves designing, carrying out and analysing their own data. This includes experiments, observations, correlations and self-reports.

In year two there are two optional topics covered from a choice of Criminal, Child, Environmental and Sport Psychology, as well as a compulsory Mental Health unit. Two further key areas of research within each of the five areas of Psychology are studied as well as the associated psychological issues, methodologies and debates raised by each approach.

Students enjoy this subject because they find it relevant to their everyday life.  The lessons include discussion, research into psychological issues and extended writing in year two.  It is therefore beneficial to have an interest in both English and essay writing as well as Science, where the scientific method is applied to psychological enquiry. The Research Methods paper has a strong mathematical focus so an interest in statistical analysis would also be beneficial.