Getting to School

Information for parents and guardians about bus transport to school, and drop off and collection zones for drivers. 

Transport to and from Burnham Grammar School September 2023

Buses to and from school

Bus routes to school are organised by Buckinghamshire Council. Free transport is given to the nearest school, and not necessarily the nearest grammar school. 

To find out about free school transport, paid for school transport, paying for bus passes, to find a school bus stop and school travel plans please go to:

You can also contact: 

Client Transport
Buckinghamshire Council
County Hall, Aylesbury HP20 1YZ

Tel: 01296 387439 open from 8am term time and 9am non-term time

Please see information below about our coaches & transport information for students.

 These are part of Imperial Coaches Ltd

Operator Name :SBGS891

BGS 1 Coach Information

BGS 2 Coach Information 

Please note that for Swan Rider collect from door to door from Meadow Way (Dorney Reach), Harcourt Road (Dorney Reach) & Old Marsh Lane, SL6 0DZ. This is a Bucks Council operated route.

New Bharat Coaches Information 

Please see information for New Punjab Coaches below : 

New Punjab Coaches Ltd

Operator Name :


Contract No :


0750 1618 Iver Heath, Church Road / The Parkway

0755 1613 Iver Heath, Slough Road / Swallow Street

0805 1603 George Green, Blinco Lane / Diana Close

0813 1555 Stoke Green, Stoke Green / Grays Park Road

0830 1540 Burnham Grammar School


Driving to and from school

We do understand that some parents and guardians choose to or are able to collect and drop off by car. When doing this we ask that in the interests of safety and courtesy to our neighbours, drivers use the drop off and collections zones highlighted in the map below. 

Please do not park inconsiderately on local roads or block resident’s driveways.

Bgs car parks and drop off map