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Posted on: 21/02/2017

Nearly 200 mini-sagas make it into published text from Young Writers competition

Imaginative minds in years nine and ten will see their names in print as they are selected to be published in the latest collection of short stories by the Young Writers competition; Welcome to Wonderland.

Welcome to Wonderland

Challenged to create a fictional world, 310 students pulled together stories based on the wondrous worlds they had created, all told within 100 words. A fantastic 170 of these stories were picked by Young Writers to be published alongside other young authors from within the region.

Mrs Wrycraft, director of English, said: "I'm incredibly proud of all the students chosen, it's lovely to know that others see the creativity that we do and that our student's work is entertaining and imaginative. I'm looking forward to seeing how we will do in the national competition!"

The Young Writers competition aims to encourage young people to engage in creative writing by running poetry and creative writing competitions through schools.

The school will have a copy of Welcome to Wonderland in the school library from May 31; and with titles from our students ranging from Galactician, The Rise of Atlantropolis; A Night in Madman Forest and The Desert of the Lost, it seems there is something for everyone to get their teeth stuck into.