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Posted on: 21/06/2017

Fun filled week in Murcia for year eight MFL students

Last week the year eight Spanish students enjoyed a week long trip to Murcia where they were able to test out their language skills. 

They participated in a number of activities as well as getting to enjoy the cultural sites of the area. 

Patriki Raman, shares her experience of the trip: 

"The trip to Murcia was probably the best school trips I have ever been on. Our hosts at the accommodation were lovely throughout the entire trip and made sure our stay was as enjoyable as possible. Our journey started from the minute we left school. After an hour’s drive to the airport, checking in and passing security, we were ready to leave!

"At Alicante we were greeted by one of our hosts and we got into a coach to drive to Arbolar. The drive to Arbolar was filled with breath-taking scenery and sights. Upon our arrival, we were assigned rooms and then we went down to have dinner. After dinner, we played games on the beach. Then it was time for bed.


"A few highlights over the course of the trip were: beach sports and water sports, visiting Cartagena and the Roman theatre, going to a Spanish high school and, of course, karaoke!

"We did everything: windsurfing, sailing, baseball, dodgeball, kayaking, volleyball and hydro pedalling. Cartagena is the best representation of Spanish cities. Streets full of shops, a museum and the ruins of a roman theatre. The theatre itself was open to the public, however you had to pass through a museum explain the artefacts found in it. 

"We met Spanish students and conversed with them, presenting some work we had done for them the day before.

"On our final night, we sang our hearts out with a group karaoke. To top the visit off with finished with a song we had learnt over the course of our trip: ‘La Sonora Dinamita’.

"There is only one phrase that can accurately describe the trip: ¡Lo pasamos bomba!"