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Posted on: 18/07/2016

Visiting Japan in Wexham!

TeikyoFerrell, Charlie & Manraj from 7C comment: I hadn’t expected to step into Japan for the day! The students were really nice to us and we were happy they made so much of an effort to learn and speak English to help us. Our favourite activities were the origami and calligraphy and they were very good at teaching us.

7A’s Georgie, Jess & Piravena comment: It was a great experience to see Japanese culture. Jess: I was dubious about trying the cabbage pancakes but found them to be delicious, as was lunch, although I still am not sure about the green tea. We all liked origami and the students taught us how to fold the paper and make the shapes which we were able to take home. The Kendo demonstration made us all jump and we enjoyed their presentations on Japanese places, language and famous people which we enjoyed as they were inter-active and made us think too!

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