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Posted on: 15/04/2019

Music for Stage and Screen -Spring Concert

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If you thought that the Christmas Concert last year wasn’t enough, then the recent Spring Concert was surely a delight to listen to this year. Mr Bowden and the talented musicians at BGS have done an exceptional job. The number of rehearsals they’ve been to has really paid off! The Stage Crew have outdone themselves once again, especially with the stage lights and smoke machines! If it was not for these people, then the Spring Concert probably wouldn’t have been possible.

There was a wide variety of performances to listen to this year! These include: This is the Greatest Show, Moon River, Circle of Life, Match of the Day, Dance Macabre, The Fellowship of the Ring, and so many more. Of course, you cannot forget the iconic Super Mario Brothers theme and the grand finale that is O Fortuna. A round of applause to all the performers!

A special thanks to Mr Bowden as well for organising the rehearsals and the evening itself! It truly was a pleasure listening to all these gifted individuals.


“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche


By Lucas P, year 10

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The Spring Concert was held on March 28.