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Posted on: 20/05/2022

BGS Culture TOG Day 2022

On Thursday 19th May, in true Burnham Grammar style, we have been celebrating the diversity and character of our school. 'Culture Day' was a celebration of students and staff from nearly every continent. 

We believe that ‘Embracing Challenge’ means more than just following a certain course of study; it is the harmonious development of the entire individual including being an active citizen, a caring individual and understanding and being happy, healthy and safe.  Part of our goal is to help our diverse community to reflect on what it means to positively support and celebrate others through ALLYship and develop the self confidence to be truly oneself. 

There were a range of activities throughout the day including mendhi hand painting, food stalls, and a Year 12 fashion show, celebrating all the amazing outfits our students and staff had dressed in. Interact has been raising money for UNICEF which is part of our school plan to support and raise awareness of the many humanitarian crises across the world. 

Well done to all of our amazing Sixth Form Diversity and Inclusion Senior Prefects and Interact, who alongside Mrs Bola created a wonderful day for all.

We are proud to be a diverse school and it was wonderful to celebrate all of our students' backgrounds & cultures! 

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