Burnham Grammar School is an academy and part of the Beeches Learning and Development Trust. Each school within Beeches Learning and Development Trust is managed by its local governing body and the Senior Leadership Team of the school.

Working in partnership with the Headteacher and staff, governors ensure high standards of achievement for the young people in the school. We focus on strategy and school improvement; we decide what we want the school to achieve, set priorities and monitor progress to realise these aims.

We have three core strategic functions delegated to us by Beeches Learning and Development Trust Board:

  • Setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school, within the context of Beeches Learning and Development Trust
  • Holding the Headteacher and senior staff to account for the educational performance of the school and its students
  • Ensuring the school remains within the budget delegated by Beeches Learning and Development Trust and making sure the money is well spent.


The current committee of Governors for the school is as follows:

Governor Committee Membership Office Held  Date of Appointment  Term To

Appointed By 

Shirley Foster


Admissions, Curriculum, Teaching Learning and Pastoral

Co Vice Chair

Development Governor

Subject Link: DT/Art

12/09/23 11/09/27 Appointed by Foundation/Trust
Andy Frith (Community) Admissions, Finance & Lettings, Personnel, Marketing   17/11/2020 18/11/24 Appointed by Foundation/Trust

Andy Gillespie


Admissions, Finance & Lettings, Personnel, Premises, H&S,  Marketing, School Travel Plan, Equality & Diversity   ex officio ex officio ex officio

Matt Gordon-Smith


Teaching, Learning & Pastoral, Personnel, Premises, H&S

SEND/LAC, Whistleblowing,

Sustainability (ESG)

18/02/21 17/02/25 Appointed by Foundation/Trust

Emily Farrell

(Support Staff)

Teaching, Learning & Pastoral, Educational Visits   16/11/22 15/11/26

Elected by School Staff 

Savita Rana


Admissions, Teaching Learning & Pastoral, Personnel, Marketing, Equality & Diversity

Co Vice Chair




Subject Link: RS/Philosophy

09/02/21 08/02/25 Appointed by Foundation/Trust

Cecile Searle 


Finance & Lettings,Educational Visits, Personnel, Premises, H&S, Marketing, School Travel Plan


Travel Plan, Health & Safety

Subject Link: MFL

17/01/24 16/01/28 Appointed by Foundation/Trust

Asad Parkar 



Educational Visits, Premises, H&S, Equality & Diversity

Careers/Gatsby, Maths/Numeracy

Subject Link: Maths

23/02/23 22/02/27 Appointed by Foundation/Trust

Tracy Wrycraft 

(Teaching Staff)

Curriculum, Premises, H&S, Equality & Diversity   22/02/21 21/02/25 Elected by School Staff 

Joseph Rhymer


Admissions, Curriculum, Finance & Lettings, Personnel

Pupil Premium

Subject Link: Business Studies & Economics

19/05/23 18/05/27 Appointed by Foundation/Trust

Gursharan Bansel 


Curriculum, Teaching Learning & Pastoral Subject Link: Psychology/Sociology 22/09/23 21/09/27 Elected by Parents

Daljit Kalher


Educational Visits, Curriculum Subject Link: Science 10/10/23 09/10/27 Elected by Parents

Sridhar Somisetty


Premises, H&S  Subject Link: Computer Science & ICT 10/10/23 09/10/27 Elected by Parents
Lucy Barrett     02/05/24 01/05/28 Elected by Parents
Anjali Singhal     13/05/24 12/05/28 Elected by Parents
Alishaan Hanif     03/05/24 02/05/28 Elected by Parents

Please note the below governor election/resignation dates for the past twelve months: 

  • 22/09/22 Marilyn Goater resigned
  • 11/10/22 Lola Owolabi term extended to 08/10/2026
  • 07/10/22 Alison Bell resigned as a Governor but remains a BLDT Trustee/Member
  • 15/11/22 Iffat Khalid (Support Staff) Term Ended
  • 23/02/23 Asad Parkar appointed by Trustees as a Governor (Community)
  • 02/05/23 Manu Bajaj (Parent Governor) Term Ended
  • 17/05/23 Amarpreet Dhaliwal resigned
  • 19/05/23 Joseph Rhymer appointed by Trustees as a Governor (Community)
  • 12/09/23 Shirley Foster extended to 11/09/2027
  • 22/09/23 Gursharan Bansel elected by Parents (Parent)
  • 01/10/23 Veninder Dhariwal resigned
  • 10/10/23 Daljit Kalher elected by Parents (Parent)
  • 10/10/23 Sridhar Somisetty elected by Parents (Parent)
  • 17/10/23 Cecile Searle elected Chair of Governors (unopposed), Shirley Foster & Savita Rana elected as Co Vice Chairs (unopposed). Andy Frith continues as a BLDT Trustee/Member and Chair of Trustees.
  • 06/11/23 Gulzar Hanspal resigned
  • 05/02/24 Lola Owolabi resigned as a Governor but remains a BLDT Trustee
  • 01/03/24 Nick Walker Term Ended as a Governor but remains a Member/Trustee
  • 05/03/24 Wayne Goldsmith Term Ended as a Governor
  • 02/05/24 Lucy Barrett elected by Parents (Parent)
  • 03/05/24 Alishaan Hanif elected by Parents (Parent)
  • 13/05/24 Anjali Singhal elected by Parents (Parent)

For information regarding Governance documents, Annual Reports, Financial Statements and Trustees/Members of the Beeches Learning and Development Trust, please view the BLDT section of the website

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