Post 18 Options

Each summer we run the Post 18 Careers Day where the school invites a number of outside speakers, from universities to industry experts, to go through the options our students have once they leave us. 

All Sixth Formers will attend the event, and have the opportunity to ask any questions they have about career or university routes. 

Once the dates are announced, they will be published, along with more details about the days. 

How does my child find out more about applying to universities?

Speak to Mrs Moore in the Common Room to go through options and the UCAS process. Or email

There are also a number of prospectuses in the Common Room.

Alternatively click here:  UCAS help to get advice from UCAS.

Mrs Carr is our independent careers advisor who is in school every Tuesday in the Careers Library situated at the back of the library.

To get in contact email: