Work Experience

Year 10 Work Experience 

The year 10 students will go out on placement during the week commencing Monday 29 June 2020.

We coordinate finding work experience placements with our partners at Learning to Work. It has a vast network of employers across a variety of fields which are able to host students for work experience and give them the best insight into the working world.

The process for finding these work experience placements begins this month, with an introductory assembly, and initial application form being distributed to each student.

The work experience application form will be used as the initial stage of identifying which placements are suitable for each individual student, as well as placing them at businesses which are easily accessible to their available transport links.

This form must be returned to me no later than Thursday 23 January 2020.

Spare copies of the form can be collected from me, or downloaded from the work experience page on the school website.

Once the forms are returned, each student will have a brief interview with a member of staff from Learning to Work on either Thursday 30 January or Friday 31 January 2020 to ensure that the best available placement can be made.

This date and time will be emailed to the students.

The interview is the chance for students to show their true passion for their chosen career paths and areas of interest and to explain why they deserve a placement in a field which has limited student work experience availability, over someone else.

Please note that some of the more popular areas of work, such as medicine and law, have very restricted placement numbers available and so it is not always possible to get a student their first choice of experience.

To be able to provide the work experience service, there is unfortunately a cost. As there is no longer any government funding given to schools to be able to provide work experience, we do ask parents to contribute to the fee charged to the school. We ask that parents and guardians for a voluntary contribution of £45, with the school paying the remainder. This is for those who have a placement being arranged by Learning to Work, as well as those who are arranging their own placements.

This fee ensures that placements are suited to individual students, as well as a full health and safety and DBS check being conducted, to ensure that each host company is safe and suitable for our students.

We ask that the £45 contribution is paid via Parent Pay by 1 March 2020.

Those students who are on Pupil Premium or whose families receive Income Support can ask the school to help towards the cost of the programme.  Please contact me ( , to discuss this further.  All enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Although the service of Learning to Work finding a work experience placement is available to all students, we do encourage pupils to use their own contacts, or to get in touch with companies in a field of interest to them, to arrange their own placement. Subjects such as medicine, law and computing are always popular with students, and Learning to Work has only a limited number of spaces for each field, so own placements are encouraged if the area is known to be competitive.

If students do wish to organise their own placement, an additional form should be downloaded from the work experience page on the school website. It should be completed in full and returned to me by Tuesday 28 February 2020 This is due to Learning to Work needing time to make contact with and visit these companies, and in some cases with the own placement being out of area an external agency will need to be employed to carry out the DBS and health and safety checks.  If I have not received an own placement form by this final deadline, Learning to Work will allocate a placement for the student.

Students who have chosen to organise their own placement, will still have an interview with Learning to Work.

Please note, if the own placement is within three miles of the school or anywhere in Berkshire, there is no additional fee of £10 to be paid, as Learning to Work will still be able to carry out the required safety checks.

However, if the company is further away than this, there is an additional £35 cost. This is to have an external agency carry out the safety checks of the company. 

Work experience is a very valuable process which we are lucky to still be able to offer to our students. It gives them a great insight into the world of work, a chance to boost confidence, as well as develop key social and business skills. Before the year group go out on work experience week, they will have focused PSHCE lessons around the world of work and how to prepare for their experience.

Key Dates: Work Exprience 2020

Application Form return -  23 January

Payment deadline - 1 March 

Interview with Learning to Work - 30 January or 31 January

Own Placement Application Form return - 28 February


If you have any queries, please get in touch with Mrs Aziz: 


 Year 12 Work Experience

All students in the Sixth Form are expected to undertake work experience during their time in Key Stage 5; ideally in year 12. Further details are available from Mrs Moore in the Common Room.



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