Year 7


BGS Year 7 Induction Information Site 

What is Year 7 like at Burnham Grammar School? 

Our Aims

At Burnham Grammar School we believe that students’ induction to our learning environment is paramount to their first steps in secondary school life.  We aim to support students during their transition into year 7 over a number of months through a carefully designed programme.

First experiences  

The vast majority of our students will first experience BGS at an opening evening during the autumn term of year 6 to get a feel for our school, meet our students and staff and discover our facilities; often unavailable in primary schools.  These include: fully equipped science laboratories, activity studio, three badminton court sports hall, music suite and drama studio alongside the department areas with technology-filled classrooms using Clevertouch state of the art interactive boards. 

Families may visit BGS during our September and October open mornings, to experience the school ‘at work.’  Visitors will see students engaging in lively and interactive lessons embracing the challenge of life at Burnham Grammar School.  

Confirmation of a place at BGS

In March, having received confirmation of a place at BGS, parents of students joining us the following September will receive a welcome pack and an invitation to the Welcome Evening which is held in mid-March.  The Headteacher and senior staff describe the induction process and other key details for a smooth transition to secondary school.  

Getting to know us better 

We invite all new year 7 students to join us at BGS for the Induction Day during early July.  This will typically begin with a warm welcome from the Headteacher in the hall followed by a series of taster lessons delivered by our staff throughout the day.  This enables students to familiarise themselves with our building and begin to feel part of BGS.  At the end of this day, parents will be invited to a welcome presentation in the school hall with the Headteacher and key staff members.  ‘The June Bundle’ will provide more information about life at BGS, uniform suppliers and requirements and much more.  

Our pastoral staff will visit many of our new year 7 students in their primary schools and they will talk to their primary school teachers to learn more about the students in order to support their transition further still.

Space Camp

All year 7 students are invited to join the Space Camp programme during the summer holidays.  This is an opportunity for students to get to know others joining them in year 7 and once again, use the facilities and buildings at BGS.  By the end of Space Camp, students feel they know their way around the school rather confidently.  

Starting in September

Year 7 students return to BGS one day earlier than the older students in September to enable them to have a further opportunity to orient themselves before the remaining cohorts start the summer term.  Year 7 meet their vertical tutor groups during the first week and begin to quiz the older students about life and how BGS really works!  Each of these activities helps to remove some of the anxiety students may feel about moving to a new school.

Throughout the first term, students participate in the Talk the Talk programme to develop communication skills, undergo a CSI experience to gain key skills for Science and have further exciting experiences during away days to an outward bound centre, where they develop team and key BGS Diploma skills which they relate to their academic studies in the months which follow.

All of this is on top of the many other extra-curricular activities on offer at BGS every day we are open (and some when we are not!) and our students soon find themselves representing BGS at inter-school sports fixtures, Maths challenges and/or volunteering in the local community with the environment group, to name but a few examples.  And that is without mentioning the academic excitement caused through learning in a new school!

We look forward to welcoming our new cohort of year 7 students each September and getting to know their families as they embark on the next stage of their lives.

Moving up to Secondary School in September  

All Year seven applications for Burnham Grammar School are administered by Bucks County Council. 

To contact the Admissions and Transport team - Contacting Bucks Council School Admissions Team.

Buckinghamshire  Council, County Hall, Walton Street, Aylesbury HP20 1UZ 

Transfer Testing for New Year 7 Students 

Who needs to register for the Transfer Test?

Children who attend a Buckinghamshire LA primary school are automatically registered and will sit the tests in their current school.

Children who attend Partner Schools need to be registered for testing; however they will sit the tests in their current school.

Partner Schools Information

Children who attend all other schools will need to be registered for testing, and will sit the tests at central venues in Buckinghamshire.

How do parents register for Testing?

Bucks County Council run an online application portal for parents to register their child for testing, and this will be accessed via their portal link below. 

Bucks Grammar School Transfer Test 

The portal is the same that is used when parents apply for school places so it is important that in registering for testing parents appreciate that they are registering their child for the Transfer Test only and not applying for a place in a specific school. BucksCC provide parents with supporting information which makes this clear and also guides them step-by-step through the registration process.

Those parents that need to register their child should use this route no matter where they live. If a family has difficulty in accessing the internet, BucksCC recommend they ask a friend or relative, visit their local library or ask their child’s school if they can assist.

School Tours

Tours are available by booking with the reception team. Our School Tours are tailored to suit the age and gender so we ask they be booked in advance. Please speak to our reception team 01628-604812 or email

  • Please arrive in good time in order to sign in at Reception. All visitors must wear a Visitors Badge.
  • Please park considerately in the marked bays at the front of the school and do not park in the coach bay.
  • Each tour will be guided by students who will gladly answer all your questions. The Reception team will be able to follow up any further queries after the tour.
  • Ms Khan will be able to answer specific queries about the admissions process for Years 7-10 , email
  • Ms Hudson will be able to answer any specific queries about the admissions process for Year 12