Media Studies

Head of Department: Mrs Wrycraft

Digital Media Communication is arguably the most important skill taught in the modern educational context. Media graduates are the one of the most likely to gain employment in the growing fields of IT design, cloud computing and advertising. In short it is a subject that looks forward and prepares young people for a future filled with technology and images.  Every institution from Warner Brothers film to Tesco has a digital marketing department, running Twitter feeds and websites to promote product – Media studies prepares students for that world of work.

The course runs over two years and works to develop creative skills as well as deeper theoretical and critical understanding. Set texts include Music videos, film and TV – notably some of the most talked about Long Form Drama – like House of Cards, Homeland and Stranger Things. We also explore the representations of various groups within society and critique the way adverts, like the one shown, use humour to attract a new customer base to an old product.

Year 1 sees the study of Print media such as newspapers and magazines, music videos (both main stream and niche) and advertising – alongside this we look at the digital footprint of each.

They more on to explore Radio – the Radio 1 breakfast show in particular and finally complete a project on Minecraft –  learning about the development and marketing of the game.

In Year 2 we examine the Long form TV drama unit and explore the media institution of Disney through the focus on two Jungle Book films (1967/2016)

As you might expect there is a lot of focus on practical work, the students complete a practical project to go alongside each unit, making the skills they use relatable to the content they are critiquing.


We follow OCR A Level.