Religious Studies


Head of Department: Mrs Bola

Teachers: Miss Stone, Miss Shrubb and Mr Ohrey

Departmental Aims and Objectives

The Religious Studies Department is working specifically towards the following Aims and Objectives in accordance with the aims of both the school and Religious Education nationally:

  • For students to acquire and develop both knowledge and understanding of Christianity and other principal religions.
  • To develop students' understanding and appreciation of the influence of beliefs, values and traditions on individuals, communities and societies.
  • To encourage students to reflect upon a variety of responses made by religious traditions to moral and religious issues and to develop the ability of students to make reasoned and informed judgements about such issues.
  • To foster the spiritual development of students and the consideration of alternative value systems.
  • To develop within students a positive attitude towards other people, respecting and appreciating their beliefs and values as members of a pluralistic society.


Curriculum plan









TOPIC 1 Philosophy and Ethics

TOPIC 2 Design a religion

TOPIC 3 What is religion? Introduction to Judaism, Hinduism and Islam

TOPIC 4 Jesus



TOPIC 1 Who are the Christians

TOPIC 2 Sikhism

TOPIC 3 Guide to life

TOPIC 4 Can we live together?

TOPIC 5 Buddhist Experience


TOPIC 1 Creeds and Church in a box

TOPIC 1 Christian Beliefs

TOPIC 2 Religion, Peace and Conflict

TOPIC 1 Christian Practices

TOPIC 3 Existence of God and revelation


TOPIC 1 Religion and Relationships

TOPIC 2 Hinduism

TOPIC 2 Hinduism

TOPIC 3 Religion and Life

TOPIC 3 Religion and Life


TOPIC 1 Religion and Life

TOPIC 2 Revision

YR 12

Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy, Ethics and Buddhist thought

Year 13

Ethics and Buddhist thought

Philosophy and Buddist Thought


Key Stage 3

This follows the regulations set out in both the Education Reform Act of 1944 and 1996 which requires all schools to follow the Locally Agreed Syllabus. The present version of this for Buckinghamshire was enacted in 2016.

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Key Stage 4

All students in Year 9,10 and 11 are following AQA A Religious Studies Full course: Christianity Beliefs and Practices, Hinduism Beliefs and Practices, Themes A B C and D  excluding texts.

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Year 12 and 13 Following OCR Religious Studies

Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and Developments in Buddhist Thought

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The RS Trip department runs a number of trips for year groups throughout the year.

The year 10's went to the Bhaktivedanta Manor, near Watford or Neasden Temple and St Matthew’s Church Willesden.

Year 12 and 13 have attended revision and other conferences to listen to expert speakers in the A Level course they follow and have participated in webinars.

We have regular Interfaith Conferences where students can discuss and pose questions to representatives of faith communities.

 We run a weekly debate and discussion forum Diversity Matters.

The RS Trip department runs a number of trips for year groups throughout the terms.

The year 10's recently went to the Bhaktivedanta Manor, near Watford, to finish their studies on Hinduism.

RS picturesRead about the trip in student Aisha Mohamed's article, here.  


Earlier on in the year, the year nine students visited the Slough Baptist Church and St Mary's Church in the town centre to explore different forms of Christian worship as well as common features found within churches.

The churches were in great contrast with each other, styles which greatly intrigued the students, especially those who had never been inside a church before and only knew what to expect from what they had learnt in the classroom.

Read about the trip in the March 9 edition of the BGS Briefing.


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