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Sociology is a subject that allows you to develop a wide range of skills that are highly valuable to employers.  The subject explores key themes such as inequality, diversity, the operation of social structures and institutions in society.  Sociology students can develop a keen awareness of the world around them and the society they live in to give them a greater understanding of how people and society operate, encouraging tolerance and sensitivity towards others.  It is a subject that strives to develop an inquiring mind.

Sociology is grounded in theory and research thus arguments students use are underpinned by the ability to use sociological evidence and effectively put forward an argument. Sociology allows you to develop communication skills, with the emphasis on formulating and structuring strong written work and the ability to articulate oneself verbally. The subject requires you to read and interpret texts and sociological research and then asks you to debate and evaluate its findings. Discussion is a key element to Sociology lessons and the ability to explain and argue points in a sensitive and mature manner is fostered. 

Career paths

Sociology is a rigorous academic subject which gives a good foundation for any further study and fosters many skills which are desirable to employers.  Sociology is useful for a range of careers, especially those that work closely with people and require effective communication skills.  Typical career paths might include work in the education sector, social research, marketing, within the criminal justice system, social work and within the media.

The AQA GCSE in sociology is taught over three years – some topics are developed in stages through the course. 

Year 9   A project based Introduction to social issues and social processes such as crime, inequality, socialisation, and an introduction to social theory and social research methods 

Year 10  The sociology of the family, the sociology of education, research methods and theory

Year 11  The sociology of crime and deviance and social stratification, research methods and theory 


The AQA GCE ‘A’ level is a linear A level taught over two years – A level develops many of the topics considered at GCSE 

Year 12   The sociology of the family, the sociology of education, research methods and theory


Year 13    The sociology of crime and deviance and the sociology of religion and belief systems , research methods and theory


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