121 Chromebook Scheme

We are delighted to launch the “121 Chromebook Scheme” at Burnham Grammar School this summer 2021. The scheme will initially be available for all students in Year 7 & 9 this September. Over time this will translate to every student in Years 7-11 having access to a device which they can then take into the 6th Form.

We are very excited about the impact this development will have on our students’ learning in the short, medium and long term. Our students’ daily lives are filled with technology and they are quick to embrace new developments. It has always been an ambition of the school to introduce a 121 Chromebook scheme when we enter our new “state of the art” school building in November 2021.

We firmly believe that every student having a personal device to use both in school and at home will assist them with being a “Responsible Learner” and help them “Prepare for their Future”, 2 of our key school aims. 

Embracing the combination of school and home learning is crucial to the future success of young people. Technology allows learning to be increasingly engaging and lets the school extend effective learning beyond the classroom whilst developing independent learners in the process.

Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education will enable all our students to have access anytime to information wherever they are. We need to make full and effective use of technology for learning and, coupled with this, is the need to ensure students learn safely, effectively and productively. We feel this scheme will provide all these opportunities for our students.

On this page you should find all the relevant information you need to support both you and your child with the transition to this Chromebook scheme. Please do read our FAQ’s document and if you still have unanswered questions don’t hesitate to email us on this dedicated address: chromebooks@burnhamgrammar.org.uk

How To Guides for parents/students about Chromebooks

Please see the page documents below, for a FAQ's Document, Parental Letters for Year 7 & Year 9 and a Parental Brochure on how to order a device.