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Staff List

Contacting the School via email

To contact a member of staff please select from one of the email addresses below and type the staff member’s name or the department in the subject line of your email.  If you do not know which department or staff member you require, please just type the general subject of the email in the subject line.  Your email will then be forwarded to the appropriate member of staff.  It is not necessary to copy in multiple BGS email addresses.

We aim to respond to emails within 48 working hours during term-time, however please be aware that not all staff work full-time and due to teaching commitments some staff may need a little longer to deal with their emails.


General enquiries including teaching staff


Safeguarding/Child Protection Team


Heads of House, Head of Year 7, Pastoral Administration 


Reception, Absences Years 7-11, Student Absence/Attendance Issues


Sixth Form Team and Administration, Absence Years 12-13, Admissions to Sixth Form)


Admissions to BGS (not Sixth Form)


School Trips


Careers Education (including Provider Access Requests)


Special Education Needs (SEN) Team


Year 10 Work Experience Programme


Exams Officer


BGS Job Vacancies and Applications

For any other enquiries, please email : info@burnhamgrammar.org.uk


Dr Gillespie 

Deputy Headteacher/PE

Mr Cathcart 

Deputy Headteacher/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/SENCO/ PE 

Mr Burrows 

Assistant Headteacher/ Safeguarding Lead/ Modern Foreign Languages 

Mr Lennon 

Assistant Headteacher/ Maths

Mrs Balderson 

Assistant Headteacher / Maths

Mr John 

Assistant Headteacher/Business Studies & Economics 

Mrs Hajamaideen

Associate Assistant Headteacher / RS

Mrs Bola

Ali House

Head of House : Mrs Gerring 

Deputy Head of House : Mrs Covus 

King House 

Head of House : Ms Griffiths 

Deputy Head of House : Mr Churchouse 

Roosevelt House 

Head of House : Mr Conroy 

Deputy Head of House : Miss Rashid

Winton House 

Head of House : Miss Kazi 

Deputy Head of House : Ms Chotai 


KS3 Head of House Admin Support : Miss Pye 

KS4 Head of House Admin Support : Mrs Krasner  

KS5 Head of House & Sixth Form Admin Support : Mrs Hudson 

Head of Year 7 : Mr Churchouse  

Head of Year 12 : Mr Amos 

Head of Year 13 : Dr Cole  

Art : Mrs Garner 

Business Studies/Economics : Mr Madarbukus 

Computer Science : Mr Griffiths 

Design and Technology : Mrs Garner 

Drama  : Miss Youens (Maternity Leave) 

English : Mrs Wrycraft 

Geography : 

History : Mr Trehy 

Mathematics : Mr Griffiths 

Media Studies : Mrs Wrycraft 

Modern Foreign Languages : Mrs Banks 

Music : Mr Lovelock

PE : Mr Lawson 

PSHE : Miss Caiafa 

Psychology : Ms Clayson 

Religious Studies : Ms Eden 

Science : Dr Neat

Sociology : Ms Clayson

Miss Ali, Business & Economics 

Mr Amos, RS & Sociology 

Mrs Appleyard, History

Mr Bryant, RS

Mr Bulteel, English 

Dr Chiu, Science

Mr Churchouse, PE

Ms Chotai, Business Studies 

Ms Clayson, Sociology & Psychology 

Mrs Clarke, Computer Science 

Dr Cole, Sociology 

Mr Conroy, Geography 

Ms Covus, Geography

Miss Dixon, Maths

Ms Dovey, English

Mr Earnshaw-Crofts, MFL 

Ms Eden, RS 

Mrs Gakhal,  English 

Mrs Garner, DT & Art 

Mrs Gerring, Art 

Mr Gill, Geography 

Ms Griffiths, Mathematics

Mr Griffiths, Mathematics 

Mrs Guerrero, MFL 

Ms Hafeez, Mathematics 

Mr Haldane, Science 

Ms Hassan, Science 

Mrs Hodge, MFL 

Mr Houston-Luck, Drama (Maternity Cover) 

Miss Hussain, Maths 

Mrs Ive, PE 

Mrs James, Science 

Mr Kay, English 

Miss Kazi, English

Miss Knibbs, PE 

Mrs Kumar, Physics 

Mr Lawson, PE 

Mr Lovelock, Music 

Mrs Magnante, Design and Technology 

Mrs Martin, Computer Science

Mr Madarbukus, Business & Economics 

Mr Mahmood, Biology 

Mrs Manocha, English

Miss McIntosh, English

Dr Neat, Science 

Miss Newberry. PE 

Mrs Nijjar, Maths

Mrs Ravirajan, Biology 

Miss Rashid, MFL

Miss Shrubb, Art

Mr Sidhu, PE/Maths

Miss Siggins, English 

Ms Soufian, Chemistry 

Mr Trehy, History 

Mr Varnam, Physics

Ms Wellesley-Davies, Science 

Miss White, History 

Mrs Wrycraft, English 

Miss Youens, Drama & English (Maternity Leave) 

Dr Abdul-Hameed, Learning Support Assistant 

Miss Adby, Development and Communications Officer & Careers Manager 

Ms Arenas Alacron, Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Alawi, Lead Science Technician 

Mrs Baldacchino, Trips Coordinator 

Mr Bartolome, Network Manger

Mrs Boehm, Whole School Display Technician 

Mrs Chava, Science Technician 

Miss Caiafa, Cover Supervisor & Head of PSHCE

Mrs Durden, Modern Foreign Languages Assistant (French) 

Miss Edwards, Reception Admin Support 

Mr Evans, Finance Officer 

Mrs Garcia Bonilla, Modern Foreign Languages Assistant (Spanish) 

Ms Gupta, Cover Supervisor 

Mrs Farrell, Learning Support Assistant 

Mr Featherstone, Project and Operations Manager 

Mr Ferguson, Assistant Site Manager 

Mrs Hesse, Modern Foreign Languages Assistant (German)

Mrs Hudson, KS5 HOH & Sixth Form Admin Support 

Mr Jones, Learning Support Assistant 

Ms Kambi, HR and Recruitment Officer  

Mrs Khalid, Learning Support Assistant

Ms Khan, Officer Manager 

Mr Khela, Reception Admin Support 

Mrs Krasner, KS4 HOH Admin Support

Mrs Kamal, Learning Support Assistant 

Ms Lamb, SLT Administrative Officer & Cover Administrator 

Mr Leung, Learning Resource Coordinator 

Mrs Mania, Science Technician

Mrs Marshall, Learning Support Assistant 

Mrs Newell, Executive Assistant to Headteacher

Mrs Pang, Exams Officer and Data Manager 

Ms Porchietto, Learning Support Assistant (Maternity Leave) 

Miss Pye, KS3 HOH Admin Support 

Mrs Rai, Assistant Exams and Data Officer 

Mrs Rowdene, Finance Director 

Miss Sanson Cefariello, Learning Support Assistant 

Miss Stoneham, SEN Manager 

Mrs Swadling, Reception Admin Support 

Mr Taylor, D&T Technician 

Miss Upton, Cover Supervisor 

Mrs Vig, Art & Food Technician 

Mrs Watkins, Student Support Officer 

Miss White , Senior Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead & Wellbeing Manager 

Mrs Yasmeen, Cover Supervisor