ICT & 121 Chromebook Scheme

We are delighted to announce that we are continuing our ‘121 Chromebook Scheme’ for Burnham Grammar School students this summer. It is an expectation for every student in Year 7 attending Burnham Grammar school to use a Chromebook to support their learning.

Chromebooks are similar to a mini laptop or notebook, but work predominantly by connecting to the internet and cloud-based software with most work/documents being stored in the cloud.  Because of this they do not need to have large hard drives which makes them cheaper, more reliable and have an extended battery charge. Much of the students’ curriculum work and resources are managed through Google Classroom and other packages, as described below, making these devices ideal for allowing our students to access resources at school and at home.  Students currently still need to hand write their answers in GCSE and A level exams and so much of the work that students’ complete will still be in exercise books, however the Chromebook will support this. 

We are excited about the impact this scheme has had and will continue to have on our students’ learning in the short, medium and long term. Our students’ daily lives are filled with technology and they are quick to embrace new developments. The COVID-19 pandemic increased everyone’s exposure to online learning and increased the school’s planned transition to using Google Workspace as a learning platform. It allows us to use a wide range of cloud based educational software and applications. These include; access to unlimited cloud-based storage, Google Docs, Google Forms and not least access to ‘Google Classroom’, which provides a powerful interface between teacher and student for easy access to resources and formative teacher feedback. At BGS we have been using Google Workspace since September 2016 so staff are now very experienced in this field.  

The IT infrastructure and wireless network in our new “state of the art” building is exceptional and comfortably allow us all students to have a device at BGS. We firmly believe that every student having a personal device to use both in school and at home greatly assists them with being a “Responsible Learner” and “Prepared for their Future”, 2 of our key school aims.  

On this page you should find all the relevant information you need to support both you and your child with the transition and introduction to the Chromebook scheme. 

We have a dedicated Chromebook Information email address, should you have any further questions : 

Please do read our How to Guides about Chromebooks below and the Parent PDF Presentation from 2024. 

How to Guide for Parents & Students about Chromebooks 

BGS Chromebook FAQs for Parents

2024 Parent 121 Chromebook Presentation