BGS Responsible Learning

Responsible Learning : Our School Aim : 

“To provide inspirational learning experiences to empower BGS Learners to embrace and overcome challenges in all areas of school life every day. To support BGS learners to aim high, take risks and always learn from their mistakes through targeted effort”

What is Responsible Learning? 

Learning is something that all students have to do for themselves and as such it is important that they therefore are encouraged and supported in taking responsibility for their own learning.

A responsible learner is one who invests time, energy and focus in developing a knowledge and understanding of the subjects they are studying, however to do this successfully they need to develop a diverse range of qualities and skills to become an effective learner.

Through developing our students’ ability to be effective Responsible Learners, we are equipping them with the skills, attitude and confidence to embrace challenge across the curriculum, and to progress from their mistakes through reflection upon their personal learning process.

At Burnham Grammar school we believe it is important to provide specific and tailored opportunities within our curriculum to ensure that all our students are able to access, develop and become equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be an effective and Responsible Learner.

How do we support our students in becoming Responsible Learners? 

At Burnham Grammar students begin their journey to becoming a Responsible learner from the very first Induction days in Year 7. Such Induction days also take place within the GCSE and A level curriculum.

The Psychology for Learning lessons in Year 7 and Year 8 provide the opportunity for all our students to gain a in depth knowledge of how to become an effective Responsible learner.

Responsible Learning constitutes a set of small cumulative habit changes that need to be embedded in all lessons to ensure an impact in developing the learning capacity and potential of our students. To embed this in all lessons we deliver an ongoing programme of bespoke  training to our all of our Teaching staff to deliver lessons that encourage and enable all of our students to act as Responsible Learners.

Responsible Learning Diagram