Anti Bullying Ambassadors

We were awarded the BIG award from the Bullying Intervention Group for our efforts to promote anti bullying within the school.

Burnham Grammar School has an anti-bullying ambassador for each house at each Key Stage 3 and 4. We are in the process of recruiting more and Key Stage 5 ambassadors.

As a group, their aim is to be role models and ambassadors to promote anti bullying and any campaigns in support of anti-bullying within the school. They come will be in charge of coming up with ideas and discussing the views of the rest of their house.

We are hoping to run an interhouse competition with an anti-bullying theme every half term. Students current ideas are: designing the ambassador badge, an anti-bullying home page as well as a poster competition.

The role description of an Anti-Bullying Ambassador can be seen below:

Role Description

  • To promote anti bullying campaigns in school 
  • To help create anti bullying materials (assemblies, posters) 
  • Peer support for student who suffer bullying
  • Be active citizens to observe and report any bullying they become aware of
  • Peer interventions (KS5 ) for bullying cases ( would need training like the diversity prefects) 
  • To be a point of contact for other students in your year or house 
  • To meet regularly with Mrs Gerring to highlight bullying concerns in the school and suggest improvements
  • To help create and promote ways for the school to be more active against bullying and help to put in place strategies to make people more comfortable to report bullying
  • To be a role model for other students, to keep the topic in conversation and ensure bullying is taken seriously. 
  • To work with IT ambassadors to educate the student body on types of cyberbullying and how to report it