Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Allocation per Fortnight

The school timetable runs on a two week timetable system, allocating a set number of lessons (each lasting one hour) to subjects across the fortnight.

Below is the time allocations given to subjects within each year group's programme of study.

Burnham Grammar School's full Curriculum policy can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to get further information about the curriculum, please contact our deputy headteacher Mr Cathcart:

Year 7
English, Mathematics, Science & Modern Foreign Languages  6 lessons
PE  4 lessons
Geography, History  3 lessons
Design & Technology, Music, Computer Science, Psychology for Learning, Drama, Art & PRE  2 lessons
PSHCE, Food Technology 1 lesson
Year 8  
English, Mathematics  7 lessons
Science, Modern Foreign Languages    6 lessons
PE  4 lessons
Geography, History, Religious Studies    3 lessons
Art, Computer Science, Design and Technology, Music    2 lessons
PSHCE, Drama, Psychology for Learning 1 lesson
Years 9, 10 and Year 11  
All students study these subjects at GCSE:  
English Language, English Literature, Double Science  

8 lessons

(Double Science 7 lessons in year 9)

Mathematics   6 lessons
Physical Education 4 lessons
Religious Studies

3 lessons

(4 lessons in year 9)

PSHCE 1 lesson
In addition to the above, students study 4 GCSE subjects
from the following:

Art and design, Business, Music, History,  Triple science 

Geography,  French, Spanish, German, Physical Education 

Product Design, Drama, Sociology, Computer Science 

5 lessons


Years 12 and 13  
Sports Leaders (optional) 1 lesson
PSHCE / Enrichment  1 lesson in Year 12 & 13
A Levels    

8 lessons per chosen subject

EPQ (Optional) 1 lesson in Year 12
PE 2 lessons 

Some subjects have fewer than eight lessons per fortnight due to class size.

Students mainly study three/four subjects from the following list:

Art and Design


Media Studies


Further Mathematics




Physical education



RS/ Philosophy and Ethics

Computer Science



Product Design

Government and Politics





English literature



For more information on A Level courses, please see the Sixth Form page which has full subject course information and entry requirements for each.

Visual model of the BGS Curriculum

You can view our Curriculum Policy on the policies page of our website:

Burnham Grammar School : Policies