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Post Results Day Information 2024 

What to do if your results are not as expected?

The following services are available:

  • Access to scripts (free)
  • ‘RoRs’ – Reviews of Results (fee per paper)
  • Appeals to awarding bodies (fee)

All post-results services requests must be submitted to the awarding bodies by the school – they cannot be submitted by students or parents. 

To apply for any of the post-results services, the relevant form must be completed correctly, along with the consent form.   All forms must be signed by the student, and fees paid before it can be processed.

Explanation of Post-Results Services:

ACCESS TO SCRIPTS (up to 5 days)


A copy of your original marked script to help you decide whether RoR is needed

CLERICAL RE-CHECK (up to 10 days)


A check of all clerical procedures leading to the issued result is correct, charge is for each paper


PRIORITY REVIEW (up to 15 days)


22/08/24 for GCE

29/08/24 for GCSE (Edexcel Only)

This is not a re-mark but an assessment of whether the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly, charge is for each paper.

REVIEW (up to 20 days)


26/09/2024 for GCE/GCSE

This is not a re-mark but an assessment of whether the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly, charge is for each paper.


An appeal made to the awarding body for the outcome of the Review


You will be notified by email the outcome of any RoRs or upon receipt of any requested scripts.  If the outcome of an RoR, leads to overall grade change then a refund will be made of all fees paid for that qualification as the exam boards will not charge in such instances.

GCE & GCSE Review of Results Forms 2024 

GCSE Review of Results Form 2024 

GCE Review of Results Form 2024

JCQ Post Results Service Information 2024 

JCQ Post Results Service Information 2024

JCQ Post Results Service Summer 2024 

Results Day Information 2024 

Please see below information about Results Day's for Students at Burnham Grammar School. 

2024 Results Day Information 

Please click here to view our most recent exams results for GCSEs and A Levels. 

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Centre Assessed Marking Information

You can view our Review of Centre Assessed Marking Policy and other exam policies on the policies page of our website:

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