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School Uniform



Black with school badge; SWI only


Black v neck with a red stripe: SWI only


Charcoal grey or black smart school style


Charcoal Grey - only in approved style and at knee length ; SWI Only. (Please speak to the relevant Head of House/Year if there is an issue with this). 


White poly-cotton school shirt with long or short sleeves

(Shirts must be tucked in at all times)

Summer term option: black polo shirt with embroidered school badge or short sleeve open neck blouse


School colours SWI


Black, flat  (no boots, trainers, or leisure shoes)


Grey , black or white 




Plain and in a dark colour. Discreet logo or lettering is permitted

Other Items



Watches; one short, discreet necklace and/or one discreet bracelet may be worn; one stud earring per lobe may be worn; badges awarded by the school.Nose studs are not permitted.

Hair colour and accessories

Hair may be coloured using natural shades. Artificial colours e.g. red, green, purple, blue are not permitted.

Small discreet hair accessories may be worn in white, grey, black or one of the school’s colours.

Hair coverings worn for religious reasons should be black or white.


Plastic carrier bags are not suitable for everyday use. Acceptable bags are sports holdalls, backpack, briefcase or document case

All students will be issued with an ID card and lanyard when they join Burnham Grammar School. This will need to be worn at all times and replaced if lost or broken.

Uniform items labelled ‘(SWI)’ will need to be ordered on the SWI website; other items can be sourced elsewhere or through SWI if preferred: 

Compulsory uniform items will need to be ordered on SWI website www.swischoolwear.co.uk

For more information about school uniform for Burnham Grammar School, please use the SWI Uniform Parent Guide below : 

Find your Official School Uniform SWI 

SWI Uniform Parent Guide


The following items are compulsory for PE lessons and are available from SWI.  Items marked ‘(SWI)’ must be purchased from SWI; other items can be sourced elsewhere or through SWI, if preferred

Boys Kit Girls Kit 

Multisport Top (SWI)

Aptus quarter Zip Top (SWI)
White Polo Shirt (SWI) White Polo Shirt (SWI)
Plain Black Shorts  Black knee length games socks
Black knee length games socks Trainers (non-marking sole)
Trainers (non-marking sole) Football boots (that can be used on 3G Pitch)
Football boots (that can be used on 3G Pitch) Shin Pads
Shin Pads Towel
Gum Shield

One of - Black 'Netburn Skort', Black Performance Shorts 

or Black Performance Leggings 


You can view our Uniform Policy on the policies page of our website:

Burnham Grammar School : Policies


Please note: Only Moulded Studs, Plastic Studs or Blades are allowed on the 3G Pitch

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  • Encourage pride in the Sixth Form and School
  • Encourage a sense of equality and cohesion
  • Ensure that students of different social, religious and ethnic groups feel welcome
  • Protect students from social pressures to dress in a particular way
  • To identify members of the school community to keep our students safe

Our Sixth Form Dress Code is commonly accepted business dress. Suggested items for school attire are as follows:

  • A shirt and tie or blouse; trousers, skirt/dress and blazer. Blazers may not be substituted by jumpers and cardigans, although these may be worn in addition during cold winter months.
  • Skirts worn to school must be of knee length. Lycra or tight fitting skirts do not meet the Sixth Form Dress Code.
  • Jumpers worn must not have a large logo and ties must be visible whilst wearing them.
  • Trousers should be tailored.  No jeans or jeans style, no leggings or shorts.
  • Shoes should be of a type similar to that worn lower down the school, although not necessarily black.  At Sixth Form students may wear smart ankle boots e.g. no branding, no spikes, no platforms and no fur trim. Additionally, no trainers, basketball boots, Doc Martens boots or similar.
  • In the case of practical subjects; longer hair must be worn neatly ideally tied back neatly.
  • Sleeper or stud earrings may be worn. Nose rings/studs and other facial piercings are not permitted.  Students are not permitted to wear an excessive amount of jewellery, and are likely to be required to remove items where this is the case.
  • Hair, hair braids and beads should be of a natural colour (not excessive in quantity).
  • Those with facial hair are expected to come to school clean-shaven or with a neatly-trimmed beard. For example, this would not necessitate being closely trimmed where this would not be an appropriate expectation for some of our students with a Muslim, Sikh or other faith.

BGS issued lanyards must be worn by Sixth Form students at all times.

The following are not considered appropriate to our working environment:   

  • Very short skirts or dresses.
  • Jackets of an informal style such as denim, leather or similar.
  • T-shirts - especially those of a baggy style with logos and similar across the front or back.
  • Dresses or shirts/tops which are strapless, have thin (spaghetti) straps, backless or similar; no plunging necklines. Tops and shirts should not be revealing any skin at the waist. E.g. no crop tops.

As with all school policies, this policy will be adjusted by the school where necessary to meet its equality and other legal duties.  For example, the school may permit certain clothing or jewellery to be worn by a student where this is a genuine requirement of that student's religion, or where this is necessary to avoid disadvantage caused by the student's disability.

Warnings will be given to students who fail to follow the dress code. Those that receive a warning will lose the privilege of leaving the school site at lunch time and further sanctions may apply.

In the event of repeated infringements parents will be contacted and the student will risk being sent home. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that students come to school in the correct uniform (see home school agreement).

P.E. and Games

1. Students may wear the relevant specialist clothing, if possessed, for training in sports such as football, hockey, athletics, aerobics, etc.

2. A plain white or black top, coupled with black shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms is perfectly acceptable. Jogging bottoms should not be worn for indoor games.

3. Any student who represents the school in any of the major competitive sports will wear the team kit provided.

We are very much aware that many of our current students’ families may have old uniform at home which is now too small for their children and is taking up space in homes and could perhaps be put to better use with someone else. 

We are also aware that budgets are tight and families looking to acquire new school uniform are experiencing challenges at times to purchase everything needed; particularly with growing teenagers! 

BGS has therefore researched opportunities to try to support families and we are pleased to announce that we will be linking with Uniformerly, which is an online website specialising in second-hand school uniform sales.

Uniformerly Website

For more information, please see the BGS Uniformerly Letter for Parents and the Uniformerly Guide below :

BGS Uniformerly Parent Letter

BGS Uniformerly Parent Guide