Work Experience

Work Experience is offered for all year 11 students to take part in, for a one week in industry during the autumn term.

Students are given the option of finding their own placements, or asking the school, along with our partners Learning to Work which helps in finding placements, to allocate them an employer for the week.

All students are given the opportunity to be placed within a business that relates as closely as possible, if not exactly, within the field they wish to pursue a career in. This year we have seen our students spend time within aeronautical engineering, architectural firms, solicitors offices, the Home Office, law courts, the banking sector -including JP Morgan, hospitals and veterinary surgeries to name a few.

There is support given along the way to prepare the students before going out for their week in industry, from what to expect in a job interview, how to write the perfect CV, advice on what to wear to suit the industry they are working within, and skills to adapt to working with new people.

The work experience placement process started in year 10 with application forms being sent home before interviews with Learning to Work to ensure the best placements can be allocated to students.

Work Experience week for 2017 was held from Monday October 9 to Friday October 13.

For more information, please contact Miss Billingham at: or see her in her office, D03.