School Redevelopment

The programme to rebuild and refurbish Burnham Grammar School, will make us one of the first schools in the country to benefit from the current Priority Schools Building Programme 2. Funding of approximately £18 million has already been approved from the programme as well as a multi-million pound grant from the Conditions Improvement Fund.

The redevelopment of the school is now in the hands of the Department of Education, with the final details and costings being run through with architects and surveyors.

This exciting opportunity will transform the school into a better learning and working environment for our expanding student population.

Some areas of the school will be knocked down and then rebuilt, with other blocks seeing a remodelling, deep refurbishment and upgrade to meet the needs of students and staff, as well as future proofing the school for the next generations of students.

The programme will include:

  • Dedicated 6th form study area
  • A new sports hall
  • Music teaching and rehearsal space
  • PE office and classroom
  • Learning Resource Centre
  • Dining Room
  • Two additional classrooms
  • Additional science labs and the conversion of a small lab into a new prep room  
  • Drama studio
  • Additional and completely refurbished toilet facilities
  • Additional car parking for staff and visitors
  • C Block will have its current three small classroom format converted into two large classrooms with an office space and wider corridors
  • New roofs, wiring, heating, ICT cabling, switches and wireless network
  • All areas of the school will be upgraded to a standard that ensures we do not need to make any maintenance requests to the Department for Education for the next 15 years

The changes are designed to deliver the best teaching and working environments for staff and students. Feedback from the school community has been taken on board when proposing what to develop, improve and add based on the needs of current students. This included analysing the school curriculum to determine a breakdown of the facilities and basic areas that would be needed by a school of 1050 to 1250 students.

The money for the project has come from two grants:

The Priority Schools Improvement Fund 2 will cover the cost of replacement or refurbishment of all buildings except the newer maths block and the building of the new sports hall.

The Conditions Improvement Fund 2015 – this provides £2.3million for the new toilets, a performance studio, a much larger Sixth Form study area, two additional classrooms and two additional science labs. The successful Conditions Improvement Fund application allowed the school to enhance a basic design with additional facilities to enrich the existing learning environment.

At the current time the phasing of the scheme is being finalised prior to contractor tendering and planning applications being submitted.