Mr Bowden - Head of Music


Mrs Douglas - Piano Teacher

Ms Evans - Trumpet Teacher

Ms Farquhar - Flute/Singing Teacher

Mr Farris - Guitar Teacher

Mr Mangan - Saxophone Teacher

Mr Thornley - Violin Teacher


The BGS Music department vision:

At Burnham Grammar, we provide opportunities for all students to be involved in active music making within and out of the classroom. In addition students get to explore being a songwriter/composer. We want all students to discover their individual musical niche and we aim to provide the right environment for this to take place.

Academic achievement isn’t the only benefit of music education and exposure. Music ignites all areas of development and skills: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy. It helps the body and the mind work together.


Music Across Key Stages 3 and 4

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A Level Music - Eduqas

Please see below the summary of assessment


Extra-Curricular Music

Please see a list of the current Music ensembles and speak to Mr Bowden if you require any further information.

Instrumental Lessons

If you are interested in Instrumental and vocal lessons, please either sign up using the online form here or contact Mr Bowden via