Staff Testimonials

Please see below staff testimonials from a variety of different members of staff at Burnham Grammar School. 


Assistant Headteacher - Mrs Hajamaideen

Working at Burnham really has been and continues to be a great place to work.  The people across the school regardless of position or length of service bring so much to the everyday experience that without doubt has played a big part in my career development and length of service.  Starting as a HoD in a very different context to my own personal and professional experience was daunting yet the network of people from all parts of the school so willing to share their advice and support my decision making was and remains a key part of how I have developed in my career with credibility as an Assistant Headteacher.

In particular was the school’s investment to support my NPQSL, not just financially but the autonomy and coaching in moving to developing areas of whole school leadership to include a mix of pastoral and academic oversight. BGS remains a great place to work with the overarching reason being that we really do ‘all pull together’ and can laugh, moan, differ with each other and it works!

Mr Madarbukus - Head of Business Studies and Economics 

Current Role

Head of Business and Economics

What is it like working at BGS and how have the school supported me?

Working at BGS is a privilege and the connection between students and staff is what makes this school stand out. The school have been extremely supportive since I first joined as a teacher. The support, guidance and training I have received has been second to none and was extremely beneficial during my first year in the profession. It has been a privilege to have also been so well supported in my transition to Head of Department, and I am grateful for the school’s belief in me to progress and develop.

How has BGS developed your skills and practice?

BGS is always willing to support professional development as well as giving regular opportunities to discuss and reflect with experienced colleagues. I have benefitted from the training and guidance the school has offered and feel as though this has really developed my teaching practice. The school’s Study Skills programme and Responsible Learning framework are a real strength and have allowed me to refine my own practice with the ultimate goal of enhancing student achievement.

Involvement in determining key school practice?

As a former student of BGS, it is compelling to see how the school takes into account views and opinions of staff when designing or refining new practice. Working parties allow for the school to receive feedback and act on staff voice which leads to an environment where staff feel like they are involved in determining key school decisions.

Enjoy most about BGS?

The diversity within our school is a real strength and seeing how so many different cultures and faiths interact is great. Students learn so much from each other and benefit greatly from our multicultural community which gives them a better understanding of the world around them. 

Favourite memory working at BGS?

Definitely winning the League Cup last year with the Year 7 football team. It was a fantastic achievement and the hard-work, commitment and resilience shown by the team after going 1-0 down in the final to win the match 4-1 was outstanding.


Ms Hafeez - Teacher of Mathematics 

BGS is a vibrant community, which I am proud and honoured to be a part of. Working as a Maths Teacher, I have fantastic support from my Head of Department.

SLT are friendly, approachable and open to new ideas. I have been recognised for my achievements and have been presented with various opportunities to progress.  

Since I have joined BGS, I have set up Crochet Club, which is much appreciated by our students, who have enjoyed taking part in various charity projects.

BGS care about their staff and our well-being is of the upmost importance, as well as having our say in school practices.

My favourite thing about working at BGS is the way everyone works together to get the best out of each student.

Every day is special with helping the students in our community become rounded individuals, ready to face the world as young adults.


Miss Adby : Development & Communications Officer & Careers Manager 

What is it like working at BGS and any examples where the school have supported you?

I have worked at BGS for over 6 years and during my time here at the school, I have been thoroughly supported in developing my skillsets and aspirations for my career. I have been supported by Dr Gillespie and the wider SLT Team in developing my role within the school from a cover teacher, to a Development & Communications Officer & Careers Manager.

I have been supported in my creative ideas, vision and aspirations for my professional practise and for the development of the school. It's a role I am incredibly proud to do and a school and professional community, that I am proud to be a part of. 

Working within this role enables me to work within a variety of different roles and projects, ranging from organising careers events for students, connecting with the Alumni Community, educational marketing or visual communications. I am lucky to experience a role that means my daily workload is varied, creative and I thoroughly enjoy all that I do. 

How has BGS developed your skills and practice?  

Going from two very different roles at the school has most definately developed my skills and practise. I feel confident articulating and communicating ideas for the school. I feel supported working so closely with SLT and how they develop my managerial and leadership skills and how they develop this within their staff. My role enables me to strategically be involved in the development of the school both internally and externally, which helps me to further expand my skills creatively, collaboratively and logically. I feel lucky to be in a role that enables me to do so much within an academic year. 

What do enjoy most about BGS?

Burnham Grammar School has an incredibly supportive working community. I am very lucky in my current role within the school to work with Senior Leadership, Teaching & Support Staff, Students and Parents and our Alumni & Professional Community. I therefore witness the incredible sense of community the school has, how our student value connection and the experiences that they have at the school and how we all enjoy working together and collaboratively to develop the school and its practises. I enjoy working in an environment with such a sense of community, joy and support. 

Favourite Memory/Highlight at BGS? 

One of my favourite memories at the school has to be the Christmas Pantomime that I took part within with my fellow colleagues for the student cohorts back in 2019. It was something that not only pushed me out of my comfort zone, but also provided the students here with so much joy, and I still have students talk about it to me, to this day.

Another highlight of my academic year is working with the Young Enteprise Teams. I have seen so many students excel in this programme in the last 6 years I have been involved and I enjoy working with our incredible students. 

There are so many memories I have working with students, our Alumni, our professionals and organisations that support the school - which shows how incredible of a school it is! They create memories here, embrace challenge and its a wonderful place to work. 

Mr Evans : Finance Officer 

Current Role

Finance Officer

What is it like working at BGS and any examples where the school have supported you?

BGS is a busy school, where no two days are the same!  The school has excellent resources, and support from my line manager has always been very good. The school has supported my move to a completely different department. BGS also supported me personally and holistically, reviewing my role to amend working practices to give me a fair opportunity to carry out my job.

How has BGS developed your skills and practice?  

I joined BGS as a member of the Site Team in 2019, and progressed to the role of Site Manager in 2022 before applying for the job of Finance Officer in 2023. In the Site Team. BGS supported me to undertake any external training courses that were relevant to the role, such as my IPAF licence (for driving and using cherry pickers/scissor lifts), which meant that I could carry out tasks that BGS would otherwise need  to outsource to external contractors.  BGS has supported me in my transition to my new role in Finance, recognising my attributes and potential to succeed in an administrative position. I have received internal training in the accounts systems and financial procedures, and have the opportunity to undertake a finance qualification if I choose to.

Involvement in determining key school practice?

BGS consults staff on whole school policies and procedures, which are often improved by staff reflecting on past experiences to inform future practice. The school often offers feedback forms or working parties to influence key practices. Staff within each department are also encouraged to take on an active role reviewing, amending and improving the processes that their own departments are responsible for, recognising the wealth of knowledge and experience of each individual employee.

What do enjoy most about BGS?

I particularly enjoy the work environment at BGS: the new building and facilities are superior, and I feel supported by my manager and SLT. The school if flexible and understanding of every individual and I enjoy feeling that I am making a positive contribution to the school community.

Favourite memory or highlight of working at BGS?

A highlight of working at BGS was the moving of equipment from the old building to the new – there was a great feeling of teamwork and camaraderie, even if many members of staff were not used to this as part of their day job! Despite the demanding physical work, the satisfaction in accomplishing the move was immense.