BGS MIND & Mental Health Ambassadors

MIND Ambassador roles at BGS:

  • Delivery of the Peer Education Project (PEP)
  • Mentoring younger peers
  • Supporting at open evenings
  • Raising awareness of Mental Health support

What is the Peer Education Project?

The Peer Education Project is made up of five mental health and wellbeing lessons, delivered to younger pupils by their older peers. The lessons introduce the idea of mental health as existing on a spectrum that changes over time and in response to life experiences. The lessons also give pupils the skills to improve and maintain their own wellbeing, while supporting their friends with their mental health.

How does the project work?

Schools taking part in the Peer Education Project will select a group of Peer Educators from amongst their older pupils. Peer Educators will receive training from school staff in the mental health content, as well as how to deliver the five lessons to younger pupils or “Peer Learners”. Peer Educators work in pairs or small groups to deliver the lessons to peer Learners, with supervision from a class teacher.

More information can be found on the Information sheet for Parents and Carers.

Mentoring younger peers

The MIND Ambassadors work with younger peers on a weekly basis. They have a mentoring session in the morning in which they can discuss a range of topics from how their week has been, any worries and anything that is going well. If any concerns are raised the MIND Ambassadors are trained in how to listen and then report the concerns to a member of the safeguarding team to support further. These sessions benefit both the younger students and the MIND Ambassadors and are a successful intervention at BGS.

Peer Education Project Information Sheet for Parents & Carers