Diversity & Inclusion

What is Equality?

Equality is the principle of equal treatment for all people irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, disability, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, age, or any other recognised area of discrimination.

What is Diversity?

Diversity is the acceptance that we are all different but we are all equal. Diversity focuses on valuing and celebrating the strengths in people’s differences.

Integral to the success of Burnham Grammar School is the work of the staff, students and others towards our Equality and Diversity goals. We continue to build on the core values and ethos of Burnham Grammar School especially those that promote equality, challenging discrimination and celebrating our diversity as a school.

This can be shown through each of the School aims:

  • Responsible Learners – take responsibility for and develop a love and passion for their learning; learning about themselves and their place in the world. This includes learning about rights responsibilities and the need for respect and appreciation of other people.

  • Happy, Healthy and Safe – ensuring that students and staff are happy and informed and supported to make positive lifestyle choices to benefit both physical and mental health. The appreciation of our own identity uniqueness and part of a wider community is integral to this. 

  • Active Citizens – students and staff play an active role in contributing to the school’s success and positively influence our local, national and international communities. This would involve understanding how ally ship can be employed to influence those around us. 

  • Prepared for the Future –the development of student and staff aspirations, expectations and the broader skills to succeed in their chosen careers and wider life. This would include strategies for conflict resolution

  • Caring Individuals – actively show respect & consideration for themselves, each other and the environment, beyond those who we consider the same as or close to.

Who is involved?

As part of our efforts to ensure our school environment is a place where every child can realise their potential, we take the celebration of the diversity of our school community as a priority.  We seek to develop strategies that embrace the challenge of diversity, inclusion and equality at Burnham Grammar School 

We are a diverse community with a number of home languages and representatives from a huge range of wider communities.

The work is led by a dedicated Diversity team of Ambassadors and Prefects who report to the Equality and Inclusion Working Party three times a year.

What is happening to achieve this?

Each year the range of School wide Diversity activities get larger including Culture day, Schools Diversity Week and an Iftar Evening. 

To support this work we welcome, virtually and in person, a range of speakers; including external speakers from Solutions not Sides and the charity Just Like Us.

In 2023 we welcomed back Alumni Ali Chaudhry and Sami Dar. The Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador and Prefect team led a range of activities related to ally ship, diversity and inclusion.

Activities from different subject areas are combined in order to promote tolerance, friendship, and understanding among diverse religious and cultural groups.

Burnham Grammar School 's Religious Studies Curriculum covers community cohesion topics such as racism, prejudice, sexism, discrimination, and responsibilities in a multi-faith society. 

During Pause for Thought sessions and assemblies, Burnham Grammar School emphasises themes of tolerance, diversity, and equality.