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The Beeches Learning and Development Trust (BLDT) is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) in which Burnham Grammar is the lead and sponsor school.  The MAT is a single legal entity and is the employer and holder of land titles and the trust board is accountable for all academies in the group, and made up of trustees, the majority of whom are current Burnham Grammar School governors.

By forming our own MAT we are ensuring that we will retain control of our own destiny and preserve the unique ethos and aims of the school, the core principles of which will extend over the all of the schools within the Beeches Learning and Development Trust. 

Through our various outreach programmes Burnham Grammar School is already supporting primary schools in a number of ways and through the School Direct programme we are training the next generation of both primary and secondary teachers in the local area.  Formation of the Beeches Learning and Development Trust formalises much of what we are already doing and provides opportunities to extend this work where we feel it is beneficial and appropriate to do so.

It should also be recognised that Bucks is the second lowest funded local authority in the country and the way that Bucks divides funding disadvantages secondary schools and grammar schools in particular.  Bucks grammar schools are amongst the worst funded schools in the country.  This means that the financial challenges we will face over the next few years will require us to look at imaginative ways of saving money and the centralisation of back office services from both schools will offer ways to do this.  This will also ensure that all schools within the Beeches Learning and Development Trust will be as efficient as possible, are able to stand on their own feet and that the money generated by the students attending each school is spent on the education of those students.  In the current climate this is critical as we have already found that we are unable to provide all of the equipment and additional services that were previously standard provision and the financial situation for all schools is likely to deteriorate further over the next few years.

Working with primary schools will also offer fantastic opportunities for Beeches Learning and Development Trust  staff to broaden their experience and will also provide first hand and direct experience of the standard of work that KS2 students are completing prior to and after their transition to secondary school. This will also help us in retaining our best staff for longer by being able to offer them additional opportunities to develop their practice and experience.  

The quality of training and support that the BLDT will provide to member schools is indicated by the Investors in People Gold Award and Champion Status that are held by Burnham Grammar School.


Burnham Grammar School is part of the Beeches Learning and Development Trust which is an exempt charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with registered company number 7769232. 

Registered Office: Hogfair Lane, Burnham, Bucks, SL17HG


Trustee Committee Membership Office Held Term To
Alison Bell Audit (chair), HT Pay/ Performance, Personnel Pay Review (chair) Data Protection 31/5/25
Andy Frith Audit, Finance, HT Pay/Performance Chair 31/5/25
Andy Gillespie Finance, Personnel Pay Review   ex officio
Lola Owolabi Personnel Pay Review   8/10/22
Nick Walker Audit, Finance (chair), HT Pay /Performance    31/5/25
Charlie Whieldon Audit, Finance Vice-Chair 31/5/25

Please note the below Trustee membership changes in the last year: 

  • 16/11/20 Dominic Grieve (Member) Resigns
  • 16/12/20 Joy Morrissey Appointed as a Member
  • 09/02/21 Alison Bell, Andy Frith, Liz Green, Raj Keshvara, Nick Walker and Charlie Whieldon reappointed until 31/05/25
  • 05/08/21 Liz Green (Trustee) resigns 
  • 31/12/2021 Raj Keshvara (Trustee) resigns 

Members of the Beeches Learning and Development Trust 

Alison Bell

Andy Frith

Joy Morrissey

Jill Watson

Nick Walker

To view the Confirmation Statement, Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Appointment of Directors and current audited accounts, please click here: 

For the Academic Year 20-21, the number of employees in the Trust whose employee benefits exceeded 100K* (including pension costs) were as follows:

In the band £140,000 - £150,000: 1

*For comparative purposes, figures published on the website for academic years prior to 20-21 did not include pension costs.

Data Protection - Beeches Learning and Development Trust 

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