Psychology For Learning


Psychology for Learning (P4L) is taught in Year 7 and Year 8 and designed to support the knowledge and application of study skills to build responsible learning and readiness for transition through BGS and beyond.

In Year 7 the course is aligned to the 6 key skills as part of the Year 7 Diploma Award; (organisation, communication, team working, resilience and perseverance, self-management and goal setting) and sequenced to allow for self-reflection at the same time as departmental specific guidance and assessment in the wider core curriculum.

In Year 8 the course builds upon organisation and goal setting with a focus on building autonomy and a sense of agency having transitioned to secondary school and have a greater body of curriculum knowledge and experience. In recognition of this point in the journey through the curriculum students are introduced to memory and the science of learning and critical thinking to reinforce and equip students with the skills to embrace challenge across the full core curriculum.


We implement the P4L curriculum through direct taught guidance in developing the knowledge and understanding of skills whilst providing opportunities and learning experiences to practise these elements from the wider curriculum. By using the expertise and experience of our teaching body students are provided with opportunities to enquire and fuel their intellectual curiosity as means of preparing students to make choices based on a detailed and rich experience of KS3.

There is a logical sequence of lessons which is designed to develop students as reflective learners and contribute to wider school life including effective ARD preparation, transition to Year 7, building learning habits through KS3 to transition onto KS4 and supporting decision making such as option choices.

Students are encouraged to engage in discussion working with a variety of different students and in a range of groupings. The course is based upon a self-reflection model which is teacher assessed and has a common framework through Key Stage 3 using specific measures and success criteria of ‘aware of’, acting on’ and proactively’ to objectively reflect on development and capacity to build their skills further.


Using a model of self, peer and teacher reflection students are able to implement and review a set of skills that can be demonstrated across their subjects developing the traits of a responsible learner with a sense of confidence and resilience to pursue their passion and preparation for their future. The teacher assessment is integral to identifying any learning behaviours and areas for skills development that can be used to raise awareness amongst pastoral leaders and shape interventions as appropriate for Year groups.


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