School Redevelopment


BGS New Build Virtual Tour : First Look at new facilities!

We are proud to present the first virtual tour of some of the facilities in the ground floor level of our New Building. This video showcases a virtual walk through of the fantastic facilities of our new hall space, canteen, activity studio and sports hall.

BGS New Build Timelapse April 2021

Exciting progress has been made with the construction of our new building. This time lapse, shows the building work that has been taking place over the last few months.

We have been capturing images throughout the entire process on time-lapse cameras – the attached video covers progress up to April 2021. 

For further information about our new buildings progress and to watch our September Virtual Open Evening Video, please click here

On Thursday 2nd May BGS hosted the Public Consultation for the planning application to completely re-build BGS at the front of the school. 

Building work is anticipated to start in January 2020 with the new building completed in the summer of 2021 and ready to welcome students back in the September of that year.  Once completed the old buildings will be demolished and the area returned to sports field for the summer of 2022.

Parents and local residents were both impressed by the design of the new single super block building and reassured by the measures that the contractors were taking to limit disruption and disturbance to local both residents and the school during the construction phase.

IMG 8306

Funding for the work is coming from three main sources:

  1. The Priority Schools Building Programme 2 grant awarded in 2014
  2. Conditions Improvement Fund (CIF) grant awarded in 2014
  3. A contribution from the school which is partially from the ‘Bricks for Burnham’ fundraising campaign.

The money from the ‘Bricks for Burnham’ campaign was key in securing the CIF grant.

The table below shows the additional facilities that students will benefit from in the new building.  Anything in green is an improvement over current facilities.


Accommodation Type

Current Situation

New Build

Standard Classrooms

20* (46m2)

23 (55m2)

ICT Rich Classrooms



ICT Rich BStu Room



Seminar Rooms


4 (41m2)

General  Science Labs

7 (74-83m2)

6(all 83m2)*

A Level Sci Labs

2 (93m2)

4 (90m2)

Music Room


1 (62m2)

DT & Food



Drama Studio



Art Rooms



Teaching Spaces Total



Music Practice Rooms


3 + control rm



1 (225m2)

Dining Hall


1 (217m2)

Activity Studio



Sports Hall 3 Court



Student Toilet Areas

6 (4 very small areas)


6th Form Study Area

1 (107m2)

1 (109m2)

6th Form Social Area


1 (132m2)

SEN Rooms



Small group



Learning Resource Centre/Library

1 (110m2)

1 (162m2)

Gross Internal Floor Area




In addition to the CIF building plans we have also considered combined sports hall and refurbishment schemes, but the new build option that will become a reality represents both the best value for money for the taxpayer, but also delivers the greatest specification of facilities and the lowest short and long term running costs for the school.

In addition to the benefits for the school, the community will benefit as the sports hall, activity studio, hall and drama studio will be available for hire by the public and local clubs.  The use of the newly re-carpetted All Weather Pitch every week night and weekend is testament to the school’s commitment to its facilities benefitting the community.  Furthermore the new building will allow us to expand our work with local primary schools in the areas of art, science, design technology, geography, creative writing, maths, drama and sport.

IMG 8268