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Posted on: 25/04/2024

BGS USA Ski Trip 2024

In March 2024, BGS students took part in the Ski Trip to New Hampshire.

Over the week they took part in ski lessons as well as a jam packed ‘apres-ski’ itinerary.

The students, who were mainly beginners, received 5 days of ski tuition on the incredible Loon mountain which sits near Mount Washington. All of the students made incredible progress and all were off the beginner slope by lunch of the second day. As the week progressed they got to explore more and more of the mountain as well as enjoy the incredible views around them.

In the evenings the students took part in bowling at the ‘world’s biggest video arcade’, watched a film in the local cinema, ice skated at Plymouth University as well as the traditional last night pizza meal where the trip awards were presented. Lets just say there was never an issue in getting the students to sleep at 10pm!

The trip was an incredible experience and one they will never forget!

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