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Posted on: 31/01/2023

Local MP Joy Morrissey Visits BGS!

What does your MP actually do for you? How do they vote? Why must they be in Westminster and not in the constituency all the time? What benefits has Brexit brought to the United Kingdom? What is the UK Government doing about the teachers' strikes and how will it end them? Should certain drugs be legalised for medical use? Why did you become an MP?  What subjects do you need to study to become an MP? Do you want to become Prime Minister?

These were just some of the questions BGS students from years 10 and 12 asked Joy Morrissey MP when she came into school on Friday 27 January as part of our Citizenship programme. After an introduction about her background and route to becoming MP for the Beaconsfield Constituency students were invited to ask questions. 

Mrs Morrissey talked about education and developing skills; whether they be for a role in politics, public service or enterprise, she explained the importance of transferable skills for the future.  Despite having an hour in the school hall for each of years 10 and 12, we soon ran out of time with many hands still raised. 

Questions came clear and fast as one student built on the topic of another or threw a completely different subject into the mix. Mrs Morrissey thanked the students for their questions and engagement and told teachers after both sessions how impressed she was with the thoughts, opinions, ideas and carefully posed questions from the young people she had met.

This visit enabled students to reflect on their own roles as Active Citizens, such as through the Student Council and student voice activities we regularly run in school and being Prepared for the Future, which is strongly supported by the Careers Education programme. We look forward to welcoming Mrs Morrissey back to BGS in the future.