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Posted on: 25/01/2018

Parental Evaluation of the School Aims and School Development Plan

Parents and guardians are invited to take part in an interactive look at some of the fundamental parts of school life her at Burnham Grammar. 

The Parental Evaluation of the School Aims and School Development Plan evening will take place on Wednesday 7 February at 6.30pm. 

Any contributions you are able to offer will be vital in helping to determine the key priorities for the school over the next three years.

The evening will begin will a review of the School Aims. This will provide an opportunity for parents to inform us of how well we are fulfilling each of the edited separate elements beneath the five key headline aims and help to identify both areas of success and priorities for improvement.

The final part of the meeting will look at the School Development Plan for the next three years, outlining our ambition for this unique school and describing the main priorities and how they have been determined to date. It is essential that we gain your views on these priorities and identify additional areas that we need to focus on.

The evening will finish at about at about 8.30pm and refreshments will be provided.

We greatly value your opinions and want to give you the opportunity to discuss and develop the school's many successes and also most urgent areas for improvement.

Letters are being sent home about the event, with a reply slip if you plan to attend the event.